Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Brief Discussion on How to Use Shopify API for Integration

Shopify is an easy to manage and secure eCommerce platform that runs millions of online stores. With its features of order management, content management, payment gateway integration, product inventory management, Shopify also comes with responsive theme designs for creating unique stores with proper customization. And this way it helps the merchants in organizing their store in different ways and reaching out to more customers. As both the applications as well as services have their data access from the stores when connected to the main platform they are built on, they generally integrate with the respective shopping carts. And here we come to the functionality of Shopify API integration. It helps the online businesses reach millions of customers while delivering numerous benefits.

  • Know About the Shopify API

Shopify API supports XML and JSON while working with several HTTP requests including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. The Shopify API actively works with 35 methods including Category, Order, Product, and Customer. These methods have different properties and separate purposes that you can use them for. The process of API authentication, once the API access token is obtained, will send the authenticated requests to REST API.

If you are a professional developer, the credentials need to be with you for particular data access so that you can initiate working on projects with what your client has asked for. To get the API Key, a private app is required to be built in the Shopify admin page. 

Sounds confusing? It doesn't need to be. Just take a look at the details we have presented step-by-step.

Being a professional developer, your client will be providing you with the credentials. Those who are not working for clients have to register by the name of a shop  to generate all the necessary information or their email and password to login. 

  • Further steps are as follows:

-First, you need to get to the admin page. Then reach the option of Press Apps>Private Apps and finally create a Private App. Now, search for the API Key. Press the Tool option and click the ‘Authentication’ button to authenticate. In order to run a request right from the admin page you have to copy the URL of the example and place it in the address bar of the browser. Press Enter to get the order list returned.

In a nutshell, Shopify API works as a useful medium for building a strong connection between you or your client and the required information. Since this is both usable and useful, it will always be in demand. Only you need some professional Shopify developers to work on it.

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