Thursday, April 27, 2017

Questions You Must Ask Shopify Developers Before Hiring

Whenever you decide to start your career as an online marketer, planning an online eCommerce appearance becomes one of your top priorities. Working with Shopify brings you the facility to reach out to a universal customer base. Your store will remain open for 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year so that your customers can visit anytime and purchase the products from various geographical locations as per their convenience. They won’t need an attendant to be guided for the purchase. But such a success depends upon various factors. First one is to set up a proper online store and the second one is to look for qualified shopify developers to start your journey on the right footing. This selection procedure is tough as well as tiresome. So, here comes some of the basic questions you must ask the professionals before hiring them.

Let’s take a peek.

How long have you been working with Shopify?

Asking their experience in working with Shopify development projects will help you a lot in selecting ace Shopify developers for your online store. And the answers should be positively given in a non-techie language so that you can understand easily. Working for long time in this field generally refers to more years of experience though new entrants may bring along trendier ideas. So, it’s completely up to your judgment whether you would like to hire a developer depending on this single fact.

Can you create a mobile site for my eCommerce Store?

Having a mobile site for your eCommerce store helps you welcome more customers across the world. A team of Shopify specialists will make your online presence better with a mobile site. Always keep in mind that the Checkout page for the mobile device should work faster and your developer should be able to explain the same to you.

What will be your preferred mode of communication?

Throughout your project, staying in touch with the team of Shopify developers is vital. If any problem occurs during the project, just before the site is going live or the testing process is going on, you can iron it out instantly when you are in regular touch.

How much time will it take to complete the entire procedure?

The professional developers always concentrate on completing your website within an exact time frame. So make it clear from the very beginning that your site will go live in the stipulated time.

Which kind of features will be added to my Shopify Store?

Various Shopify development services such as API integration, template design, theme design, responsive development etc. are available out there. While hiring expert Shopify developers you need to know about the special features they will be providing for your store to make it stand out in the crowd.

After asking all these questions, take your time to think and decide whom to hire. What’s more, don’t forget the inevitable query - ‘How much will it cost me for the Shopify store?’

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